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Connecticut Scholars Strategy Network,


I am proud to serve as one of the Co-Leaders of the Connecticut Scholars Strategy Network (SSN) Chapter.  By bring together researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and politicians to discuss broad policy challenges facing our state. We are committed to promoting evidence based solutions regarding our state’s challenges. 


Gun Violence Prevention-  Research Interest Group, Co-Director

The GVP-RIG connects scholars and advocates with interests in understanding the correlates, causes, and solutions for firearm violence in America. We connect scholars with each other and with resources to enhance the quality and scope of our research. Reducing gun violence in America is an urgent public health crisis that will require our collective expertise.


Doris Duke Foundation-


As a former Doris Duke Fellow, Kerri is actively involved with the fellowship alumni.  She is currently partnering with other alums to determine ways for current and past fellows to more actively collaborate together and to identify future research goals for interdisciplinary research.

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