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My teaching portfolio in the School of Public Policy is below. I have received teaching commendations for outstanding cumulative teaching evaluations from the University of Connecticut’s Provost’s Office on multiple occasions. If you are a student in the DPP, the syllabi are kept on file in the DPP main office and are available by request.

Child and Family Policy (PP5346/4346)

Social policy is the study of policies and government interventions that are intended to improve the wellbeing of society.  While there are many different types of social policies, this course will primarily explore how social policy affects children and families.  For example, why do people get (or not get) married?  Why do they have (or not have or delay) children?  Can and are these seemingly private decisions influenced by government intervention?  And what about the very vulnerable: those living in poverty or homes with violence?  Can the government do something to improve the wellbeing of these citizens?

Introduction to Public Policy & Management (PP5340/3020W)

This course discusses the nature of public policy problems in the United States through the assigned readings and discussion of case studies. We examine the policy making process, including various policy approaches (such as rational and incremental), accountability and ethics, and citizen participation. We also will discuss specific public policy problems and issues, such as privatization and education. We also will discuss specific public policy problems and issues, such as privatization and education.  The course focusses on professional memo writing.

Capstone: Applied Management Project (PP 5362)

This course provides students the opportunity to work in teams of 3-5 and engage with a public organization.  During the intense semester long experience, students are pressed to put theory into practice and complete a research project from start to finish.  More information can be found here:

Financial Management for Public Organizations (PP 5318)

This course is designed as a survey of the principles, issues, and skills of financial management in the public sector.   The objectives of the course are to provide students with both a theoretical understanding of the topic and to develop some of the fundamental skills necessary to work competently as managers with financial responsibilities or as analysts consuming such information in order to make judgments about financial condition. 

Applied Research Design (PP 5370)

This course focuses on the application of the tools and methods of social science research. The purpose is to help students develop the requisite skills to design and conduct high quality research as well as enable them to be a better consumer and translator of research reported in the news media and in professional journals. The course is focused on designs that allow one to make causal inferences.

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